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Can-Do Bernese Mountain Dogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is located in Northern Nevada. I keep only a couple dogs on my premises at a time and breed only occasionally. My dogs are first of all my pets, and then "show dogs". Necessary testing is done prior to breeding (for hip dysplasia, heart, patella & eye problems) in an attempt to prevent continuing the spread of these problems.

I currently have two dogs living in my home. Sadie is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is an International, Mexican, AKC Champion. Sadie will be 11 years old on July 15, 2002. She is healthy and happy living the leisurely life of retirement, though she still LOVES to be shown. She is occasionally entered in Veteran's Classes so she can strut her stuff!

Bailey is a tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was born October 12, 1998. Bailey had her first litter on April 18, 2001. She was bred to a beautiful blenheim ("red & white") English import AKC Champion. They produced 5 beautiful tri pups, 2 males & 3 females. Unfortunately, we lost 2 females at birth due to under-developed lungs, & lost a male at 2 days when Bailey laid on him. The two remaining pups are doing GREAT! I am planning to breed Bailey in September of 2002 again.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are from Bern, Switzerland. They were an "all around farm dog," used for pulling carts to market, herding, & guarding their flocks & family.

These dogs still maintain their working instincts. They are gentle & eager to please. With a non-matting coat (except behind the ears), they are easy to keep groomed. Be prepared for lots of meals seasoned with "Berner fur" & clothes constantly in need of duct tape to remove the hair, for they do have a heavy coat (it does snow in Switzerland...). Berner "dust bunnies" could make for interesting finds when house cleaning!

For in depth information on this breed, please visit my links section.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Remember all those old paintings of royalty & ladies in waiting surrounded by small "red and white spaniels"? Well, those are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

An old breed from England, these dogs are wonderful companions. Do NOT buy a Cavalier if you don't have time for a lap dog, for these are lap dogs extraordinaire! They require much personal attention & prefer to go everywhere you go. Easy to groom & keep, they make exceptional pets.

Cavaliers, while a lap dog, are still spaniels, & they DO have hunting instincts! They can be excellent mousers (mine is as good a mouser as the cat!), & once they put their nose to the ground, be prepared for a long walk! Ever sniffing, the nose of a Cavalier can make wondrous finds!

More information on the breed can be found in my links section.

My Berners

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Cavalier Pedigrees

Health Issues

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Berners are plagued no more or no less with health problems than any other breed in general. Unfortunately, that does not mean you won't encounter serious health problems. Hip dysplasia is common due to their size, as in most large breeds. Other orthopedic problems can also occur. Cancer can be a major problem. Ethical breeders are working hard to eliminate these & other problems in the breed.

If you are serious about obtaining a Berner, please research the breed thoroughly before purchasing one. Be sure you purchase from a reputable breeder who has certificates to prove their testing & health clearances. Just because a breeder tests, however, is no guarantee that you will get a healthy dog. Genetics is a tricky thing & problems pop up unexpectedly. However, if you purchase from a breeder who DOES test their breeding stock, you have a better chance of obtaining a healthy dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavaliers are also prone to health problems. While hip dysplasia is not as serious a problem as it is in larger breeds, it CAN occur. Patellar luxation (slipped "knee caps") tends to be a problem in this breed, but by far the worst health problem seems to be heart problems ~ Mitral Valve Disease, or MVD. Testing can and should be done annually to follow the health of your dogs' heart.

Be sure when you purchase a Cavalier that the breeder maintains a regular schedule of testing hearts, especially on their breeding stock. A reputable breeder will have copies of heart certifications for you, & will be able to tell you about the heart history of at least the first couple generations in your puppys pedigree, if not more, as well as heart history of previous litters they have produced with one or both of the parents of your puppy.

~ Best Friends ~
Bailey & Sadie
March 2001

~ "Sam" the Border Collie Rescue ~

Sam has a unique story. In the winter of 1998, we got a Border Collie puppy for my nephew, Jason. The puppy stayed here with us for a while because it was too cold to ship him. One day I was holding him when he slipped off my lap & caught his leg in the frame of my wheelchair... He broke his leg... The Vet wasn't sure it would heal properly as it was right in the knee joint. We went & got a second puppy so Jason could have the choice of "Toby", with a bad leg, or "Sport" (later re-named "Sam") the new puppy.

The pups settled in here easily... "Sport" adored one of the big dogs here who was expecting pups. She was fine with "Toby", but she just didn't care for "Sport". The day she went into labor, we let the pups out of our sight for about 3 minutes. The next thing we knew, "Sport" had a broken jaw... (He had gone to visit her in the kennel & she snapped at him, catching him "just right".) Off to the Vet again to repair another puppy. Now we had a puppy with a broken leg & a puppy with a broken jaw.

We were eventually able to ship "Toby" to Minnesota. His leg had healed extremely well. We continued nursing "Sport" back to health. He became Mom's constant companion. When he was about 5 months old, we found him a home.

In April of 2001, we received a call from the family who had taken "Sport"/"Sam". There had been a divorce & he needed rehomed. We agreed to bring this great dog back to our home so he didn't go to a shelter. We have looked for a special home for this incredibly sensitive dog, but have not found the "right home" for him... Or have we??? He is again Mom's constant companion, & has settled in like he's always been here...

If you are looking for a dog but don't want to pay the "big bucks" that could be involved, rescue might be your answer. There are many great dogs needing homes, & rescue groups are there to evaluate dogs before placing them. Please consider rescue as an option if you are seriously looking for a dog. For more information on rescue, please visit my links.

~ Sam Update ~

In mid-June, "Sam" found his new home. He went to a couple who live on 5 fenced acres nearby. The man is retired & stays home all day with "Sam". He is learning it's OK to chase the rabbits & Magpies from the garden, & is learning to play & fetch a ball again. This was a great match!

Links to Dog Sites

Are you considering getting a dog or breeding your dog? Please read this story as you consider what to do. Remember that if you don't have specific wants or needs for your pet, rescuing a mixed breed might be the way to go...

Scroll down the red column on the left. Below "Cairn Information" click on the link to "Sam's Story"...

A touching story of rescue...

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